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The Chinese government issues an important notice! Focus on the construction of these medical device

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Recently, the National Health Commission issued the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Clinical Specialty Capacity Building", which requires that through further strengthening of clinical specialty capacity building, the important role of clinical specialty capacity building in promoting the high-quality development of public hospitals will be guided to guide local To improve the capacity building of clinical specialties during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and put forward the goal of developing key clinical specialties at different levels of the country, province, and city (county):

[National level] Build a total of no less than 750 national key clinical specialty construction projects;

[Provincial level] Construct no less than 5000 provincial key clinical specialty construction projects;

[City (county) level] At least 10,000 prefecture-level and county-level key clinical specialty capacity-building projects will be built.

According to the key support departments, the state will give specific support based on the different conditions of the provincial, city and county level of clinical expertise, focusing on the construction of weak areas and weak departments. Focus on supporting relevant provinces to innovate in key technical fields such as major diseases that affect people's health and regenerative medicine, precision medicine, brain science, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine, and strengthen the construction of composite innovation teams through cooperation with universities and research units.

Based on municipal hospitals and county-level hospitals, focusing on oncology, cardiology, thoracic surgery, general surgery, respiratory, obstetrics, anesthesia, critical care, orthopedics, pediatrics, pathology, laboratory, medical imaging, infectious diseases, etc. Strengthening the construction of specialties, by strengthening personnel training and basic investment, promoting minimally invasive surgery such as endoscopic intervention and new diagnosis and treatment models such as MDT and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and strengthening quality and safety management methods to continuously improve the service capabilities of clinical specialties and the level of medical quality and safety.

In this document, a number of international trade areas of medical devices have become an important force, especially cutting-edge technology projects with specialty characteristics and core competitiveness. At the same time, adhere to the development thinking of technological innovation, strengthen clinical diagnosis and treatment technology innovation, application research and achievement transformation, especially research in frontier hot areas such as regenerative medicine, precision medicine, and new biomedical technologies, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in key areas.

Adhere to the development ideas of technological innovation, actively promote the construction of a smart medical system, strengthen the exploration and practice of artificial intelligence and sensor technology in the medical industry, promote the "Internet +" new medical service model, and strive for the application of surgical robots, 3D printing, and new medical materials , Computer-assisted diagnosis and treatment, and telemedicine have made positive progress.

The national top-level design is always the most authoritative yardstick for judging the industry's wind direction. After the 14th Five-Year Plan was released, plans on various medical subdivisions were also released one after another, outlining the development plans and goals of my country's medical subdivisions within five years.

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